What’s the Difference Between CBD and Pure CBD?

What is the difference between an extract and a pure CBD extract? Well the simple answer is there is no difference in their effectiveness.


CBD has been found to have anti-toxic properties, which is why many cannabis enthusiasts have used it as a form of a treatment for epilepsy. It has also been used as a form of an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. CBD also helps with pain relief and muscle spasms. CBD has also been found to be useful for appetite suppression, anxiety relief and even depression. There is no scientific research currently on the effectiveness of CBD in treating or preventing any of these symptoms.

So, what is the difference between an extract and a pure CBD extract? Pure CBD is made from the plant itself and can’t be separated out into its active ingredients. The cannabis plant only contains a handful of active ingredients: cannabinoids. There are a handful of other chemicals which are present, but they have not been scientifically proven to have any benefits other than they are present in the cannabis plant.

Pure CBD is made from the plants itself, and not through any process by which the plant has been processed or altered in some way. According to discovermagazine.com, the most commonly known forms of pure CBD include hemp oil, which is derived from hemp seeds, CBD lip balm and CBD drops.

Extracts can be made in the lab or in a home based manufacturing system. These contain a wide variety of active ingredients and can be combined with others to form unique combinations of the different active ingredients. The quality of these products will vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of these may use cheap fillers, dyes and binders which can be harmful to the users. There is also the chance of mixing different chemical substances in order to create the strongest, most effective product possible.

All in all, CBD has been proven to be an effective and safe form of treatment for certain medical conditions, however, we do not recommend using CBD in combination with illegal and dangerous methods. Pure CBD is the only legal substance that can be used legally without prescription. to treat the medical condition. It is illegal to use CBD in conjunction with pharmaceutical drugs such as Ephedra or Methadone. Although there are side effects, the majority of people report very minimal effects from the use of CBD.